This set of pages is intended for viewing by the current pupils and ex-pupils of Kings School in Worcester who are Sub-Aqua Club members.... but if anyone else happens to find it - so much the better!

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Diving Officer's report

Since the running of the club was taken over by Rachael Lee, in the Biology Department, with the assistance of Cherry Painter, we have now got three complete diving seasons under our belts, our third echelon of new Club Divers and Ocean Divers are nearly qualified and we have amassed about 200 or so dives from the visits to Plymouth and Stoney Cove.
With the new school year beginning in September, I was hoping that the Headmaster would be contacting me to tell me that a Staff member had volunteered to run the administrative side of the club, as Rachael Lee became Rachael Worth in 2005, and is away on maternity leave since July. Mrs Painter is unable to continue to actively run things and the club is in imminent danger of collapse for lack of a volunteer teacher to take it on. Unfortunately I have not heard anything positive in this respect. We are still running a couple of trips, but without staff participation.

We may or may not be holding a trydive evening in December and do not yet know if we can start a new training cycle early in January, using the school classrooms for theory lessons and the swimming pool for practical lessons on tuesday evenings.
In the normal course of events, as soon as the weather warms up in the spring, we would be once again taking pupils to Stoney in Leicestershire and, from the middle of the summer term onwards, to various sites on the coast of Britain.

If any Kings parents would like to discuss the activities of the club on the phone, then please call me on 01299-404153 or send me an e-mail. Also, please contact the headmaster to lobby for support for the club. After all, its you paying the fees!
John Kingsley

Log books for writing up your dives

Freya has pointed out that many of you did not get issued with red logbooks for writing up your dives and calculating your total time underwater. The diving logbook is an essential part of the diver's equipment, and new grades are never awarded until the Diving Officer (that's me) has studied your logbook and decided that you are competent and experienced enough to get the new grade.

In case you haven't done so recently, ask Mrs Painter again if she has any, and if not, then download a blank page to your computer by clicking on "download blank page". Print this out landscape to A4 or A5 paper (the BSAC books would be equivalent to A5 with a fold down the middle), get some photocopies, and you can make your own looseleaf logbook. It doesn't have to look exactly like this, but this is the BSAC layout. If you want to be adventurous and devise your own page layout - go ahead!

If you have done dives (for example, Stoney Cove in June and July) and not written them up, then NOW is the time to do it! Also, if you are going on the trip to Plymouth next week, get some blank sheets so you can write the notes before you forget what happened. If you have forgotten your depths and times, then send me an e-mail and I will look them up in the records.

Click here if you would like assistance in finding out what I am expecting you to fill in on these pages.

New! Diving Chat Forum

This is called btheyoungdiversgroup and if you click the link you will be connected - you'll need to register to write there, but you can read stuff immediately.

For Sale spot...........

Tell me what you have to sell in the way of diving or snorkelling equipment, and we will feature it here.

Send e-mail to John Kingsley if you have something to advertise or ring me on 01299-404153

Last Dives

Stoney Training Day, October 24th 2004
This was actually supposed to be a weekend in Plymouth, but a really bad weather forecast meant we had to change our plans.

Stoney Night Dive, October 6th 2004
Click for new viewNot wet yetThe first night dive this year and a new experience for all the six school divers who took part. Hayley & JK did a circuit of the west end of the quarry, exploring the Cessna aircraft and the sunken motorboat, while James, Joe and Stephen with their instructors Andy, Robin and Phil stayed at the east end visiting the helicopter and the Stanegarth wreck. Sam and Lawrie then went in as a second wave with Robin and JK - just managing to get clear of the water before we got told off by the management. Sam & I found a huge pike which was practically asleep and we had a chance to get within touching distance of this splendid fish.

Rachael even had time to get the barbeque going so we could have hot dogs once we were out of our suits: excellent!

Holiday in Plymouth, 19th-23rd July 2004
Under construction

Stoney Training weekend, 26th & 27th June 2004
Under construction

Plymouth weekend, 8th & 9th May 2004
Under construction

Tobermory (Isle of Mull) holiday August 2002
Eigg and the Small Isles from the RIB This 7-day self-catering and diving holiday using the Worcester RIB was once again most successful. Our night dive on Calve Island wall, a 30m high underwater basalt precipice just a few minutes from the log cabin, was one of the highlights, while a second chance to visit Bo Faskadale - a remote and exposed submerged rock pinnacle half way to the island of Eigg was seized while the weather permitted. The diving was adventurous and spectacular, and we will probably never find better dive-sites anywhere in the UK.
Harry with our dinnerWe all loved the seafood, and with the help of Harry Simms and Andy Walker, not forgetting John, Phil and Simon from Worcester Divers, we even made a training video.

Archive section - previous events
Training at Stoney Cove - Sept 2002 & Nov 2003.
Diving from Salcombe off a sailing yacht - July 26th-Aug 2nd 2002.
Birmingham Aquarium - Shark Tank Diving! - March 9th 2002.
Red Sea Trip 21st to 28th October 2001.
Sports Divers holiday in Tobermory, end of August 2001.
Holiday in Plymouth, 14th-19th July 2001.
Diving weekend in Plymouth, 7th & 8th July 2001.
Boat Handling Course in Pembrokeshire, April 28th & 29th 2001.
New Divers Weekend - Plymouth - 21 & 22nd April 2001.
Visit to North West Hyperbaric Centre on 10th March 2001.
Red Sea Trip 22nd to 30th October 2000.
Kings School trip to the Red Sea in October 1999.

Eddystone is a story about my favourite dive out of Plymouth - and i.m.h.o. - one of the best dives in the UK. The story is a couple of years old but the dive's as good as ever! Lovely pictures, mostly courtesy of Sue Daly.

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