Hardfacing without tears!

Hardfaced plateThis is an exciting new development which we are recommending as a "hardfacing" for steel components. Durapen is one proprietor's trade name for a new way of applying what used to be called "spray and fuse" coatings - but without the "spray" part of the process. Up to now, a powder layer had to be thermally sprayed onto the substrate using a flame or plasma spraying system and then the deposited material was then fused, either by torch or in a vacuum furnace to make a hard facing layer.

The new system is much easier to apply to awkward shapes or big surfaces, since it is applied as a liquid but which, after furnacing in a controlled atmosphere, is as hard as conventional hard plate.

Hardfaced component With the new process it is now posssible to apply a controlled thickness of wear resistant material to almost any component. The resultant surface layer contains particles with hardness equivalent to tungsten carbide, while the steel-based matrix has the corrosion resistance of a "stainless" steel. The wear layer thickness is controllable between 0.5mm and 3mm: the thicker layers require multiple treatments, so are not recommended for parts where coating 'slump' during furnacing will be a problem.

Why not try this new coating in your application?

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