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- The willingness to listen to your problems
- The ability to propose solutions
- The resources to bring them to fruition

------- Hang on a minute! Didn't this website belong to Aegis Advanced MATERIALS Ltd? What's happened?

------We evolved - that's what happened! After 23 successful years, AAM Ltd needed a new office and better shipping and receiving facilities, so we have moved the business to a larger and more modern building in Bewdley town. Additionally, one of the Directors of the "old" company wanted to retire, and David Newby, who has helped to build up the business since the mid 1990's, wanted to take a Director's role. So we have moved all our trading to a new company, with the same key people, the same Quality and business systems and the same objectives, but hopefully with an improved service level, a new address and some new phone numbers (though the old ones still work if you have them in your database). Our Company Registration number, VAT number and Bank account details have also changed, and we will inform you of these once we are in business with you. NOW ---------, what were we about to say?

As a Materials Technology company, our aim is to design, develop, source and supply high quality engineering components and tooling made from a variety of the less commonplace materials available today.

Most frequently, we work with Sintered Metals, both dense and porous, Technical Ceramics and Tungsten Carbides, and we can contribute to a solution to your materials problem regardless of which industry you happen to be in.

We will manufacture or source custom parts in quantities from one to one million and arrange supply to call-off or from stock as may be appropriate.

We can also supply Toolroom equipment such as Toolpost Grinders, Microwelders and Hard-Metal Deposition Systems, as well as a unique range of Microporous Materials for Vacuum Forming and Vacuum Clamping systems.

Phone: (Office) +(44)-(0)1299-406014
Mobile (David):+(44)-(0)7730-939791
Mobile (John):+(44)-(0)7836-596771
Post to: Suite 33, Bridge House,
Riverside North,
DY12 1AB

Contact us at our West Midlands location by:

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AAM Ltd would like to see us getting electricity generated by nuclear fusion:
SPARC, the first design with a nett power output

Here's another one: