What’s an Aegis?

You probably realise we are back to the world of Greek Mythology. Zeus, chief of the Gods, is the original owner and sometimes the bearer of the Aegis, which is both a shield and a weapon. Athene with the Aegis, click to enlarge It takes the form of a decorated cape or cloak worn over the shoulders and meeting across the chest. When used as a weapon, it was grasped, as if by the lapels, and shaken by the wearer, when it caused lightning to flash and thunder to sound, thereby striking terror into the heart of the enemy.

Hephaistos, the supernatural Materials Technologist of the Gods, made it himself, starting with the skin of the divine goat, Amaltheia, and finishing the edges with live serpents and "a hundred tassels of pure gold …… each the worth of a hundred oxen", and embellishing it in the centre with the severed head of Medusa the Gorgon, whose gaze turned men to stone. Hephaistos gave it to Zeus, who lent it, from time to time, to other Gods and Godesses, notably Apollo and Athene. As well as using it as a shield, they also used it to give heart and courage to the Greeks (or Trojans, depending on which side they were on at the time) before battle and demoralise the forces of the opposition. More about the Aegis

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