Plungers for intensifiers and other positive displacement or high pressure pumps

Here are a couple of pictures of some extremely beautiful Ceramic pistons, cylinders and rams to whet your appetite.

The parts in the pictures above and below are made by NeoCeram, who are a European company specialising in high quality pump parts made of high purity alumina ceramic and yttrium-stabilized zirconia ceramic. Mostly these parts are for the food, medical or pharmaceutical industry. Aegis supplies NeoCeram products for certain applications.
click to enlargeHere you can see one of our zirconia intensifier plungers (this one is not from NeoCeram) being inspected after stripdown following 1000 hours of operation in a waterjet cutting machine at 3,500 bar (50,000 psi). Such performance has never before been possible, and intensifier users are delighted with the cost effectiveness of our zirconia ceramic replacement plungers.
click to enlargeAegis also offers a repolishing service for tungsten carbide and ceramic rams that are suffering deterioration in surface finish. The finish of these expensive rams, which can cost upwards of 700 each when new, is critical to their function and to the life of the seals in which they run. By carefully repolishing the working surface Aegis can give the plungers a new lease of life, at a small fraction of the cost of new parts. Our customers have told us that the plungers often work better after our reconditioning than they did when new!

As well as repolishing plungers, Aegis can also recondition other parts of the water-jet machine - for example the needle valve components that switch the water on and off - so long as a reasonable batch of parts are sent for refurbishing at one time.

Aegis also has a linkup with another English company, AMC Jets Ltd, who are the main European suppliers of jewel orifices for high pressure water jet cutters. Contact us for more details.

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