Tooling & Production Services
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Tooling & Service Applications
Ultrasonic Machining Services for milling/drilling the hardest materials with round or any other shape of hole;
Wear parts & coatings for Mineral extraction & Agriculture, Bulk Materials Handling;
Vacuum chuck facings, Vacuum forming jigs made of porous aluminium
Wear parts for pulp, Paper & Board production and conversion;
Wear parts & tooling for Cement, Clay & Concrete products;
Machines to make CHUCKS and COLLETS GRIP the work more effectively;
Machines to PREVENT SLUG RETENTION on punching and progression tooling;
Tooling for Semiconductor & Glass Production and Machining;
Choke & Valve parts, Venturis & Nozzles for Oil Extraction;
Thermal Barrier products & Strainers for molten metals;
Cutters for Plastics Granulation, Tape & Sheet slitting;
Welding, Brazing, Metallizing & Soldering fixtures;
Cutters for Fibre & Film products of all types;
Tooling for Metal Extrusion, Drawing, Heading;
Deposition of REALLY HARD AND ROUGH TUNGSTEN CARBIDE and other HARD COATINGS onto Components or Machine parts; Wire drawing capstans in Zirconia (CeramTec)
Regrinding of Ceramic Capstan Cones for Wire Drawing machines;
Toolpost Grinders to fit onto Lathes;
Wear Parts for Robotic devices;
Parts for Metal Casting Machines.